Selfregulation for pharmaceutical advertising

The Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising ("the CGR") is founded in 1998 to implement the Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising (to be further referred to as: the Code of Conduct).
The Code of Conduct lays down rules for pharmaceutical advertising. "Advertising" is defined as any form of influencing with the aim of endorsing the prescription, supply or use of medicinal products. This not only covers promoting medicinal products, but also stimulating their prescription or supply by awarding, offering or promising benefits in cash or in kind.
The supervision of the Code is dedicated to the Code Commission and the Commission for Appeals. The Code Commission handles complaints and may give advice on intended activities. Since 2012 the Dutch Inspection Board for the Public Promotion of Medicinal Products ("Keuringsraad") fulfils the front desk function of the CGR as well as performing a number of supervisory duties.